Kurion Cyprus


If you visit the archaeological site at Kurion in Cyprus, you really step back in time. The site is really well preserved and excellently managed by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities. It is a huge site. Many of the key excavation areas are covered and you can stroll around at your ease. As the site is on the top of a hill, in Summer it is very exposed to the sun and heat and my advice is to get there early in the morning .. the site opens at 08.30. As you will read from the WikiP extract below a lot of the artefacts have been removed over the Centuries, but thankfully there is still a lot to see and experience at this fantastic site. As a photographer I am obviously interested in the visual aspect of the site but the historical aspect of the whole area just brings me back to another time zone. Continue reading




In many of the mountain villages in Cyprus you will come across the ruins of old houses which are long uninhabited. If you are lucky you will find an abandoned Amphora like this one – standing on a rock, just waiting to be photographed. Continue reading



One of the great treats on a clear day is to drive to the top of Stavrovouni and take in the breathtaking scenery on all sides. The image above is one of my favourite Cyprus images. The sky was clear and really blue but I just did not see the point in just taking a postcard type shot so I framed the Monastery within the branches of the tree. Image taken at the last lookout stop before you reach the top of the mountain.

Stavrovouni Continue reading